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Atrium Resort & Hotel only 5 minutes from downtown, and near from memorable point of interest for tourist in Purwokerto like specific food shopping centre named Getuk Goreng and Soto Sokaraja. Its only 5 minutes from our hotel. One tourist destination near Purwokerto is Baturaden, located 20 km north of Atrium Resort & Hotel. Baturaden is classical highland country at the foot of Gunung Slamet volcano. Baturaden is a popular site for local tourism, with a children's playground, hot springs, trekking and camping. It just take 20 minutes from our hotel. Atrium Resort & Hotel is the ideal starting point for comfortable stay.

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Atrium Resort & Hotel Purwokerto
Jl. Soepardjo Rustam (Jl. Raya Sokaraja) - Purwokerto
Central Java - Indonesia
Phone : +62 281 684 4040
HP : 081226788788
Fax : +62 281 684 4041
Email : [email protected]
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